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The troubled head of the Miami Police, Miguel Expósito, accused Mayor Tomás Regalado of interfering in police investigations
of illegal gambling in the cafes and warehouses of the city.
In a letter written in rough terms and sent to Regalado on Wednesday afternoon, Expósito said: "There is a concerted effort in the mayor's office to interfere with the anti-gambling operation.


You, as mayor, have exceeded the legal boundaries of your office. "
Regalado replied Thursday:


"What I think is that the chief of police spends too much time trying to keep his job instead of doing the job that a police chief should do."


Expósito's attack took place while he tries to defend himself from growing political questions from the mayor regarding his efficiency in the position. Regalado appointed Expósito to the position 13 months ago and, shortly after, they both announced the success together
from a series of arrests in public corruption cases, most of which fell apart under prosecutorial scrutiny.




El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El

(Miami, FL) -

December 31, 2010




Christian Pagan, 25, who also has a heart condition.
Now the mother and her brother will face trial on charges of resisting arrest without violence.

Prosecutors had dismissed Ramírez's case last month, but resubmitted the charges Thursday after police complained, according to the defense attorney. Ricardo P. Hermida said the state "was ordered to re-file a false accusation." "In this case the young prosecutor did the right thing by dismissing the case," Hermida said initially. Ramirez, 57, a former Circuit City administrator, is caring for her son at his home in West Kendall.


Christian Pagan, a Braddock High School graduate, was born with a hole in his heart.

On April 22, Pagan became violent, trashed the house, and cut his hand. Ramírez called 911 for help, but warned the dispatcher not to use a Taser pistol, according to the recording of the call. "He is a disabled boy.


I don't want to be shot with a taser, "he told the dispatcher.






El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El (Miami, FL) -

August 9, 2010




Luis Antonio Urdaneta Pozo will be sentenced on June 22 by federal judge K. Michael Moore in a Miami court.
On the other hand, one of three Venezuelans who pleaded guilty in a case related to that of Urdaneta Pozo was sentenced this
week to 30 months in prison, but Judge Robert Scola signed a court document ordering Alfredo Montilla Hernández to be
deported to Venezuela as soon as possible. "It is hereby ordered," says the Scola document, "that the accused be removed from the United States to Venezuela promptly,
after being convicted. "Scola's order is unusual.


Normally, judges order that foreigners who have been sentenced to prison terms must surrender to immigration as soon as they serve their sentence.


Ricardo Hermida, Montilla Hernández's lawyer, confirmed the judge's order and said that he had never seen a similar document.
Urdaneta Pozo was indicted in Miami on February 16, arrested in Orlando seven days later, and pleaded guilty the week


El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El (Miami, FL) -

April 15, 2017





Shortly after the North Carolina highway robbery, Miguel Bover approached a pawn shop worker and asked him to try to sell the bar - one of 10 at the shipment - to a local precious metal refinery.


But he was shot in the butt when a police officer who was on a day off but worked at the refinery suspected

and called the FBI.


The agents faced
the lender and confiscated the 26-pound gold bar, which was not well received by the robbery suspects. In April, officers violently arrested Bover, who they suspected was working with the thieves to threaten the lender with payment.
or return the stolen bar.

Bover, 49, who pleaded guilty to the charge of aiding and abetting an extortion attempt, faces three to four years of
prison in his sentencing Tuesday in federal court in Miami.






El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL)

(Published as Nuevo Herald, El

(Miami, FL) -

September 22, 2015






The Dade Circuit Court jury deliberated less than three hours to find Gonzalez guilty of murder and attempted
armed robbery.


Judge Amy Steele Donner immediately sentenced Gonzalez, who was 16 years old when she committed the crime, to life in prison.


You must serve at least 25 years of your sentence.
Prosecutor Flora Seff argued that Gonzalez - who, according to the police, was related to the Latin Force youth gang - shot David Tucker because he wanted to take over

of his cap

leather, valued at $ 60.


Tucker's friend Geraldine McNichols saw it all.
She told the jury that she and Tucker were walking down West Okeechobee Road last November when a full car approached them.
of teenagers who demanded the cap be given to them. Defense attorney Rick Hermida said the real culprit was the driver of the car, Aramis Perdomo, 20. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El (Miami, FL) -

July 1, 1989






About $ 50,000 was donated to political campaigns by the mayors of Miami and Hialeah, and the seven councilors of Hialeah, between 2005
and 2009 by companies, owners or family members of the slot machine industry, according to public records. Mayors Tomás Regalado of Miami and Julio Robaina of Hialeah played a key role in pushing ordinances that allow the
use of the controversial `` little machines ''.
In Hialeah, these entrepreneurs have purchased more than 1,800 permits to operate machines in hundreds of restaurants, stores, and laundries.


Regalado, who received at least $ 14,250 from this group during his campaign

del 2009, promoted the following year the writing of a
ordinance for

regulate and legalize

machines in Miami.

In Hialeah, the slot industry started making contributions to Robaina after it enacted an ordinance in 2008,
with a contribution of $ 1,550.





El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El

(Miami, FL) -

March 27, 2011





In a lawsuit against Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito, the companies say officers illegally confiscated the
105 machines from 29 markets, cafes and laundries in Miami during the infamous operation `` Lucky 7 '' in October.
`` Only in Miami, '' said the companies' lawyer, Ricardo Hermida. `` The machines were plain and simply stolen by the police department. '' Miami police, essentially ignoring the intent of a city ordinance established last year, launched the operation saying the machines are `` games of chance '' and therefore illegal under state law. The adult gaming industry has long insisted that devices are

legal machines

`` entertainment '' because,
Unlike casino slot machines, they are programmed so that a player can master them using their







El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El

(Miami, FL) -

March 18, 2011








No longer. Now, under new orders from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a champion of tougher immigration measures
undocumented, federal prosecutors have begun asking district judges to issue what are known as "orders
expulsion judgments "that ensure that a convicted foreigner is deported upon serving his sentence instead of being sent to a
immigration detention center and wait months or years there for immigration court procedures that usually
lead to a deportation order signed by an immigration judge.
The new legal tactic shortens the waiting time for deportation, avoids delays in the immigration courts crowded with cases,
saves money on detention and food expenses for inmates in immigration detention centers, frees up space in those
centers for other foreigners and sends the message to immigrant communities that, under President Donald Trump,



El Nuevo HeraldEl Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (Published as Nuevo Herald, El

(Miami, FL) -

June 24, 2017

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